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Anam Cora (Gaelic for “Soul Chorus) is a group of devotional singers weaving different strands of vocal and spiritual backgrounds to create a meditative and uplifting experience. First brought together to chant at Silence in the Cathedral in Norwich, they are now creating these “happenings” around East Anglia. Shades of “Libana” and Deva Premal are in this Celtic Kirtan mix. The singing is fresh and the harmonies arise in the moment!


The singers: Mary Benefiel, Kate Hesketh Moore, Caroline McCausland, Catherine Shuster, and Bee Springwood

For more information about upcoming events or bookings contact Mary.

Upcoming Events:

Nov. 4From Silence to Singing, a workshop with Mary Benefiel
For more info, click here.

Nov. 21 The Crucible of Sound
Quay Place, Key Street, Ipswich
New start time: 6.30pm
No tickets – donations welcome!
An empty container awaits. It holds the potential of sounds-to-come. The singers step into the crucible with their unique offerings. With heat, fire and smelting, Alchemy mixes their sounds and breath into music. From the fire of the furnace comes the gold of the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer.

For further information contact Cathie on 07734 469038.

How to find the venue: Please read!
Quay Place is formerly St. Mary’s Church on the Quay. It is situated on a little island in the middle of the one-way system near the docks. It is next to the Premier Inn, and shares a ‘Pay and Display” car park with them. NOTE: While the street address says “Key Street” the entrance for cars is from “Star Lane!” At the double round-about near the docks (landmark is the Novotel Hotel) – take the exit onto Star Lane (A1022) and stay to your right. Take the first right onto Foundation Street which is marked “Closed” but is open to allow people into the car park in front of the church. If you go flying past this turning, just go right way round the one-way system and come back up Star Lane.


There are yet words
that come near the unsayable,

and, from crumbling stones,
a new music
to make a sacred dwelling
in a place we cannot own.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~

(In Praise of Mortality, trans. A. Barrows and J. Macy)


What people have said about Anam Cora:

“Wherever this choir sings, their clarity seems to be absorbed by the walls and played back to the silences.”

“I have occasionally found that an experience seems to surpass words -this was my experience of ‘Anam Cora’ when they sang in Norwich Cathedral.   Surpassing words, the music simply acted as a conduit towards the infinite.  It was stunningly beautiful.”

“To be present at an ‘Anam Cora’ performance is to experience a spiritual regeneration.  Neither a concert nor a religious service it is a musical meditation which engages the ear then goes straight to the soul. Six silver-toned voices perform a diversity of songs from across the centuries, subtly harmonising a capella.

“Five star: and not to be missed.”

Video Links:
Namaste sung by Mary Benefiel

Venu Bahar sung by Caroline McCausland

A Rumi Poem sung by Mary Benefiel

Ailshe Ban sung by Kate Hesketh Moore

Om Tara sung by Anam Cora

Michaelmas at Norwich Cathedral

The Anam Cora Story


Previous events in 2015/17
Sept. 22 – Equinox with Gatekeeper’s Trust in Barsham, Suffolk
July 22  “Resonance of Reflection” at Anteros Performance Art Festival
July 8 – The Crucible of Sound at Cley 17 Art Festival

June 3 – Writing on the Wall at Waterloo Festival @St John’s
April 22 – Workshop: From Silence to Song
Feb. 19
A Celebration of the Return of the Light, Bawburgh
Feb. 4
Candlemas -The Return of the Light, Iken, Suffolk
Oct 2 – The Songs of Indra’s Net in Wickham Market, Suffolk
Sept. 24 –  World Peace Day Concert
in Swaffham, Norfolk
July 8
– The Songs of Indra’s Net at Cley 16 Art Festival 
March 25 – Good Friday at St. John the Baptist, Metfield, Suffolk
Feb. 21 –  St John the Baptist Church, Norwich
Oct. 11 – St. Andrew’s Church, Bramfield, Suffolk
August 23 – St. Mary’s Church, Haddiscoe, Norfolk