To Sing with Pride

Happy to Sing with Pride!

Happy to Sing with Pride!

Invited to guest conduct the Pride Choir for one night was a real challenge – not only because I hardly ever teach songs in parts, but because I was offered the “Arrange – A Song from the ‘140 Coming Out Stories’ book opportunity. On pages 4 and 5 I found two stories that inspired me. One became a round (the melody arrived in about two minutes, quickly captured on my phone) and the other started with one line of music which turned into a mini-opera a few weeks later at 6 a.m. lying in bed. I rushed downstairs and got my Zoom recorder on, and was capturing all the ideas with a half-awake voice. By 7 a.m. I had several “mash-ups” and a flourish-y arpeggio ending announcing: “I AM A  LES-BI-ANNNN!” Now that’s some food for thought for my neighbours.

I love my job.

Singing Workshop preparation

I DO make a plan for a workshop, even though I sometimes have to throw out the plan and go with the group! In the last year I feel my listening has developed, I feel more open to what unfolds and more appreciative of the subtleties of the human singing instrument. Yes, even in theContinue Reading

It’s a Gig!

I was delighted to be asked to sing at the launch of the art show of Lee Fisk in Ipswich, at the Vagabonds Lounge in the Town Hall. The challenge is what to sing? In the old days I would put together a set of songs written by other people. But the waters in theContinue Reading