An ongoing process…

Mary’s singing training was pursued at Indiana University, later with Nancy Grauff in Minneapolis, and with Emmanuel Nicaise in Belgium. She also trained in voice, theatre, movement/dance and improvisation at Marquette University, Indiana University, The Palace Theatre and l’Ecole du Mime Jacques LeCoq.

She has taken Master Classes with the Roy Hart Theatre (Extended Range Work), and the Pan Theatre (Archetypal Voice and Choreographic Voice) and with The Tuscany Project. Her study of posture and alignment includes classes in Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Method.

After years of teaching, it became clear that there was more to voice and singing development than technique — that all aspects of the individual are involved. This prompted Mary to pursue studies in spiritual and healing/therapeutic aspects of the voice, which included overtone chanting with Jill Purce and other kinds of traditional spiritual vocal techniques. By far the most in-depth training was with Chloe Goodchild on the Naked Voice.

More recently Mary has undertaken training in song-creation with Nick Prater and Helen Chadwick, as well as harmony improvisation classes with Guillermo Rozenthuler. Her movement and authentic voice improvisation training has continued with The Speaking Dancer Training at the Dance Research Institute in London as well as with Marie Campbell and Kath Burlinson in the Sounding Authentic Lab in Scotland.