Private Tuition

Helen enjoying her singing

You can book a private session with Mary to deepen your practice or explore your voice or develop your singing. You don’t need to bring a song, or to know what you are doing there. Nor are you expected to come regularly. Most people decide after the first session what kind of follow up they want.

Mary works with experienced singers and complete novices and anyone in-between.

These sessions allow us to focus in on your particular issues, using a combination of methods to encourage you. Whatever arises, we follow how the voice is singing you and find ways for you to sing and sound more.

If you wish to discuss your particular situation with Mary, don’t hesitate to get in touch. For further information see FAQ.

Mary has helped me to transform my voice and my singing.  Not only do I sound better but I feel better as well.  I no longer think of singing as something I must get right but as a way of expressing my true self.  Thank you Mary for a very special gift.
Phil, Life-coach, Ipswich

 “I could feel the singing in every part of me, more than I have ever felt before. Thank you so very much for your wise encouragement and consummate skill.  I feel very, very lucky.” Jenny Barnett, yoga teacher and trainer, Ipswich

New! Practice CD’s Available

Mary can now create personal practice CDs for you! There are two types to choose from:

  • A recording of the session, for £5 (CD or MP3)
  • A Customized Practice CD (or MP3) for £15

Just request which version you want at your session. Please Contact Mary to arrange your session.

Mary Benefiel

Mary Benefiel