Vocal artist, performance-maker, teacher

Soprano activist

Mary Benefiel uses her voice to provoke change, to create pointed and quirky performance pieces and to teach the world to sing.

Sometimes poetic, always imaginative, Mary’s artistry lies in her transformative, multidisciplinary approach to her work.

Photograph: Off the Cuff duo Johnny Lazlo Bencze and Mary Benefiel

Mary’s creative work

While most Sopranos aren’t activists, Mary relishes a bit of subversion.

Drawing on her Catholic upbringing and her theatrical background Mary devises pieces that challenge the status quo and provoke a change of heart.

Her latest work, BRA-VO! – is a response to catastrophic over-consumption that costs the earth and robs the poor. This opera in a ‘DD’ cup is her way to counter-act the modern-day mantra of “More.”

Singing classes

The only thing better than singing is more singing.”
Ella Fitzgerald

Mary offers chanting classes, singing workshops and one-to-one sessions. In any class you are invited to start from where you are and to ‘tune-in’ to your voice. Mary’s role is to offer ways for the sound to flow and for you to feel more confident, clear and authentic. These classes are for anyone from novices to professionals.

Anam Cora

Meet Mary BenefielKate Hesketh Moore, Caroline McCausland, Cathie Shuster and Bee Springwood – a group of devotional singers who blend their voices to reflect the harmony in compassion, healing and awakening.

Hail Mary!

Change – it’s possible and personal! 

Don’t hesitate to Contact Mary and follow her on social media. Visit Mary’s Diary for dates and more information about her creative performances, Anam Cora events, and singing and chanting workshops. Visit Mary’s Shop for her CDs.