Anam Cora


Anam Cora (Gaelic for “Soul Chorus”) is a group of devotional singers who weave the different strands of their vocal and spiritual backgrounds to create a meditative and uplifting experience.

First brought together to chant at “Silence in the Cathedral” in Norwich, they are now creating these “happenings” around East Anglia. Shades of “Libana” and Deva Premal are in this Celtic Kirtan mix. The singing is fresh and the harmonies arise in the moment!

The singers

Mary BenefielKate Hesketh Moore, Caroline McCausland, Cathie Shuster and Bee Springwood.

Our events

Contact Mary to book Anam Cora for your event. For our upcoming concerts, please visit the Diary page.


“Wherever this choir sings, their clarity seems to be absorbed by the walls and played back to the silences.”

“I have occasionally found that an experience seems to surpass words - this was my experience of Anam Cora when they sang in Norwich Cathedral. Surpassing words, the music simply acted as a conduit towards the infinite. It was stunningly beautiful.”

“To be present at an Anam Cora performance is to experience a spiritual regeneration. Neither a concert nor a religious service it is a musical meditation which engages the ear then goes straight to the soul.”

“Five star and not to be missed.”