BRA-VO! An Opera-in-Progress

An opera about Bras and the Environment…

One Little Black Bra. One unsuspecting shopper, suddenly thrust into a consumer’s maze of unwanted but oh-so-want-able choices! How can anything so pink and lacy represent an environmental disaster on a catastrophic scale?

“BRA-VO! An Opera-in-Progress” tackles the issue of the personal and environmental cost of Fast Fashion. It’s a tale of runaway greed and consumption that promises everything but can never satisfy and only costs the earth.

To take on issues of this magnitude “BRA-VO!” is devised as a Tragic-Comic Opera. Expect bras galore, shocking statistics, seamstresses, a Greek Chorus, several deadly sins, and the Devil in the Lingerie Department. This piece asks “Who needs all this stuff?!” in the hope we can stop skidding down the slippery slope of over-consumption.

“BRA-VO!” has been developed with the artistic support of Kath Burlinson, Mairi Campbell and Bryony Kimmings.

If you are interested in the progress of “BRA-VO! The Opera” or would like to be involved, please contact Mary. Visit the Diary page for upcoming “BRA-VO!” events.

"Intelligent, thoughtful and FUN!"
Susan Sofroniou (playwright)

"I wanted more, more, more. Such fun and so well performed."
Esme Staniforth (usher at Theatre Royal, Norwich)

"Well done! Made me laugh! Nicely sung."
Sylvia Hallett (composer and instrumentalist)

"Bloody amazing."
Charlotte Lewis (producer)

"It's original, funny, and political too, can't wait to see the full-length show."
Julie Vallortigara (actress)

"Love the humour and politics combined."
Kath Burlinson (director)