Performances & Poetry

We live in perilous times

Can singing save the planet? Poetry? No. But one voice can begin a vibration that will unleash the power of the collective. One voice can ring the alarm. Alter what’s happening – instigate authenticity and disintegrate blocks. The voice sounds the wake-up call. It’s not the time to be quiet. The system is betting on silence. Silence is complicity. The minute we find our voice, it’s change on! Hearts open and the mind emerges from pervasive amnesia.

Mary’s work aims to sing the wake-up, to create connection, to mend the gaps; to rescue spirituality from institutions and to break ground for new ways of being.

Performance art

Lines and Spaces

Medium: voice, movement, poetry, ritual, sound

We live in a material world of form, of outlines. But there are spaces between the lines. This is where the music of our existence is created – the play between the form and the formless, the physical and spiritual. Mary will travel between the “Lines and Spaces” of the church, taking you on a ‘musical’ journey that goes beyond the physical into dimensions mystical. The journey itself composes the music that arises one moment to the next.

“The Body Re-Membered”

(A work-in-progress)

Now Mary’s journey has evolved into one of healing – from the present, down the ancestral line and back to the future. Healing generations of trauma, restoring sanity, unwinding power structures. Using her voice to go from fragmented to whole, from one person to the community.

“Your voice and the way you can play with it just leave me tingling with the potential of the instrument that is within us all…”
M. Green, audience member

Poetry and writing

Letters to the Earth, Writing to a Planet in Crisis (2019)

When the world is dying, who do you write to? Culture Declares Emergency started a global letter-writing campaign to the earth. Now it’s a book. With an introduction by Emma Thompson, this book weaves together voices from around the world, from children to well-known people such as Yoko Ono, Kate Tempest, and Mark Rylance.

Mary took up this letter-writing challenge. Her letter, a poem to future generations entitled “The First Earth Day,” is featured in this “Letters to the Earth” anthology. You can find copies at Waterstones. All royalties go to fund future social justice/environmental campaigns.

#Creation is the antidote to despair

“A beautiful book calling for us all to look after the place we call home …  Read it, then buy it for everyone you know.”
Red Magazine