Singing Classes


How do we feel better in ourselves? Be more ‘in tune’? Chanting does both.

By repeating little jewel-like phrases, the mind becomes quiet, judgement slips away, and the body relaxes. When we chant with others, the vibrations are increased and the positive effects on you, your body and your voice are enhanced. It’s possible to deepen your spiritual connection and to feel centred. A confident and free voice flows from there. Each meeting we practice sacred chants and mantras from different traditions. The songs are easy to learn and there are short periods of silence to rest and recharge. At the end of a class many people say they feel more peaceful and alive. You do not have to be an experienced singer to take part. No need to book in advance, just come! Everyone is welcome. Visit the Diary page for upcoming chanting sessions.

1 to 1

Book a private session with Mary to explore your voice or develop your singing. She works with experienced singers and complete novices and anyone in-between.

A 1-to-1 session means we can focus on your particular needs. We start from where you are and then find different ways for you to sing and sound more. If you wish to discuss your situation with Mary, don’t hesitate to get in touch. For further information see lesson FAQs. There are also practice CD’s available in Mary’s online shop. We can discuss this in your session. Please Contact Mary to arrange your session.


“What is all this juice and all this joy?” Gerard Manley Hopkins

This is a safe space for you to explore your expression. No sounds are excluded. You will be encouraged to reclaim all parts of your voice. Authenticity powers your sound and unlocks your natural musicality. Whilst Mary’s methods may seem unconventional, they are purposeful. Warm-ups, movement, sounding, singing, chanting, they’re there to liberate your voice!

These workshops are for anyone interested in developing their voice, from novices to professionals. Occasionally Mary offers workshops for experienced singers only.

If you would like to discuss your vocal goals, or whether a class is right for you, please don’t hesitate to contact Mary. For details of any upcoming workshops, please view Mary’s Diary.

“I so much appreciated your chanting evening. You led it so beautifully. The lovely slow pace of your instructions and the mixture of explanation and experimenting and having faith in what we would create together. I found it both nourishing and beautiful.” Helen, baby massage teacher, Norwich – chanting participant
“I get there but rarely but I am always deeply moved by the energy created by you and the others. It opens me up.” Margaret, retired, Felixstowe – chanting participant
“Just a quick email to say how amazing I found the lesson with you, I found it liberating, inspiring and freeing after just one session. I cannot wait for the next one.” Jenna, Ipswich – 1 to 1 student
“Mary, you played a big role in opening up my voice after years of almost silence. That was quite a gift! Thanks.” Margaret, jazz singer, Paris – 1 to 1 student
“Mary has helped me to transform my voice and my singing.  Not only do I sound better but I feel better as well.  I no longer think of singing as something I must get right but as a way of expressing my true self.  Thank you, Mary, for a very special gift.Phil, life coach, Ipswich – 1 to 1 student
“I could feel the singing in every part of me, more than I have ever felt before. Thank you so very much for your wise encouragement and consummate skill. I feel very, very lucky.” Jenny, yoga teacher and trainer, Ipswich – 1 to 1 student
“Mary knows you don’t just sing with your body, but also with your soul.” Workshop participant
“I found it useful in breaking down my inhibitions and fear of embarrassing myself. Physically, I found it relaxing and therapeutic.” Workshop participant